Wednesday, September 08, 2004

FUELISH GESTURES: Royal Caribbean International's Jewel of the Seas now glitters as the first international cruise ship to snag an Environmental Life-Buoy Certificate from the Ports of Stockholm. That reward is for using low sulfur fuel. The ship (one of four RCI vessels equipped with smokeless gas-turbine engines) uses very refined, distillate fuel, cutting way back on airborne emissions compared to all those nasties from old-style internal combustion engines. Gas turbines, studies show, reduce emission of nitrous oxides by some 85 percent and sulfur oxides by more than 90 percent. The Ports of Stockholm began awarding the Environmental Life-Buoy for praiseworthy environmental initiatives on the Baltic Sea in 2000. Now the gem-like Jewel is entitled to reduced harbor fees when calling in Stockholm. Its gas turbines are part of a propulsion and power system called COGES – short for COmbined Gas turbine and steam turbine Electric-drive System. Two gas turbines and one steam turbine, each connected to generators producing 11,000 volts, are part of a system for propulsion, lighting, air-conditioning and all other electrical needs for amenities passengers have come to enjoy and expect. For details on Baltic Sea cruises, call 800-327-6700.


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