Friday, July 21, 2006

Scribes at Sea ...

Apartment Porn & Kissing Up: Ultra-luxe, all-suite Seabourn Pride hosts two “Writers’ Circle” Caribbean cruises from Barbados, with opportunity to mix with authors. “Seabourn is all about sharing voyages with interesting shipmates and celebrating the good things in life, and that includes good writing,” notes president Deborah L. Natansohn, former wire service newswoman and veteran travel marketing exec. The Nov. 25 sailing features author Michael Gross, whose exposé "Model: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women" was a New York Times bestseller. His latest: "740 Park," the inside story of New York’s richest, most prestigious, and secretive coop apartment building and the people who live there, which Fortune called “jaw-dropping apartment porn.” The Dec. 9 sailing hails off-kilter perspectives of “investigative humorist” Henry Alford, author of "Big Kiss: One Actor’s Desperate Attempt to Claw His Way to the Middle." Expect subversive excerpts from famed cookbooks and obituaries, word games combining slang terms from rap music and English fox-hunting, and foreign phrase book translations that may not prove useful. From $2,298, double. (800) 929-9391.


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